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Face Off season 7 episode 1 “Life and Death” favorite makeups

  1. Dina
  2. Keaghlan
  3. Cig
  4. Sasha






Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls

# nothing has matched jennifer’s reign of terror

Oh my god this is terrifying.

Anyone else notice the sudden appearance of “Isabella” in 2009? Anyone else come to the startling realization that this:

is why?

(Fun fact: Pop culture drives a lot of naming trends!)


fuck yeah! fashion! | kristian aadnevik fall winter 2014-2015 (2/2)


replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time





i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


my grandma is 82


The street finds its own uses.

With one burning hand she held his and with the other she kept pushing him away. —Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina (via liquidlightandrunningtrees)

Tips on playing a misantrophe? Thanks! x




a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

I found Reference for writers’ post that has a few resources but I couldn’t find much else than what is already there.

So looking at this definition, I’d say I’m a weak misanthrope therefore, I’m going to pull from my own experiences and what some of my friends that call themselves misanthropes are like.

  • First, I’d say they like to do things that do not require them to interact with people unless they decide to. For example, play video games, draw, write, watch films, cook ect. this is so they do not get angry at others as much and can take people in manageable doses.
  • Therefore, a misanthrope may need to be in control of social situations they are in which could lead to a controlling personality or someone who is very withdrawn and decides not to care because they will become too angry if they do and being constantly angry is not fun. This could mean they are part of the loner trope or the workaholic trope
  • Misanthropes would avoid places or activities that would require them to interact with others for example, they would prefer to do school projects by themselves or if they have to do it in a group, they would probably do all the work themselves or let everyone do the work and never turn up; they would not like activities such as shopping, especially going to big shopping centres and if they had to go shopping (for groceries) then they would probably use the self-service checkout; they probably would not join any clubs unless they were very interested in whatever they were doing and they would have to be comfortable around the other club members however, I would say this would not happen often; they would not go to parties often, preferring to be alone, especially if there is alcohol there, or they might like small gatherings (10 people at most) since they can relax.
  • If misanthropes do make friends then they would probably be people similar to them or people who understand their dislike for social situations or people who do not annoy them as much as others
  • Misanthropes at work would hate anything where you have to speak to many people throughout the day so working on the night shifts or with animals or a ‘behind the scenes’ type person would be best for them. If they worked in an environment where they are around people for a long time (shop floor assistant, waiter/waitress, bartender, teacher, till operator ect.) then they could easily become depressed, especially if there was no one they liked at their workplace.
  • I can imagine that a misanthrope would complain a lot but it would be about things that others are thinking. For example, I hate when people let their kids scream and don’t console them or tell them to stop where I work because you can hear it throughout the whole store and it’s really disrupting to workers and customers and a lot of people do it so I complain about that. i have actually had customers agree with me after I had made a comment, even one of the parents so many people can probably relate to misanthropes they just do not have as strong a feeling as them.
  • I personally am okay with people as individuals, it’s people as a whole who I really dislike. For example, crowd mentality and things people do because everyone does it so they think it’s okay are they things that irk me, so things the majority does however a misanthrope will probably just hate people whatever they do.
  • There should be a reason behind their hatred, it could be because they are smarter than the average person and see everyone else as idiots, they could have higher standards for manners that most people do not, they could love the earth and hate that humans are killing it, there are many different reasons to hate people.

Those are some general points about misanthropy and are mostly from my experiences so they may be incorrect but that’s how I understand it. I know that bamhelps and butcherofblavikenrps call themselves misanthropes so if you look through their blog at things they’ve said or ask them about it, you may get a different/more in-depth view. I hope this helped! :)

I stand by this post 100%, and I consider myself an underlying strong misanthrope (meaning I really, REALLY don’t like people at the end of the day, but I can get along with them as long as shite stays superficial and I’m not too involved in the social environment of a group).

For instance, just today I decided to stop playing a game I very much enjoy because the social environment was literally (and I mean literally with the definition it was intended as) giving me homicidal tendencies born from my anger and dislike of people - I don’t like paying money to have my misanthropy flagged like that.

The following words would also work in the context of misanthropy: “distaste of”, “mistrust of”, “antipathy towards” humans - this can be groups, but when interacting with groups superficially, can also start at one person, which then quickly spreads to like-minded individuals, finally ending with a dislike of a whole social environment.

My misanthropy often manifests as walking into a meadow of cute kittens and puppies, who slowly turn into disgusting monsters the longer you stay in that meadow.

^^ All of this. Interacting with me, especially when you initiate first contact, often results in very dyspeptic, scathing reactions from me. It doesn’t matter if you’re “just trying to be friendly.” Try to make small chat with me in a bar —where I’m likely sitting alone— and just be grateful the worst reaction you got from me was a mean face that implied you’re an idiot. Push it and you’re likely to get something along the lines of “Why are you talking to me? Fuck off.” I prefer isolation 97% of the time and it’s not to spare anyone; it’s because I abhor people.

To support butcherofblavikenrps statement about “mistrust of,” I am extremely mistrusting of “nice” people. I very much question their motives if they’re too sweet or too interested in me. What do you want? I’m a god damn cactus and I don’t hide it; why are you trying to hug me? You’re an idiot. GTFO, you daisy-ass moron.

Additionally, no one is going to cure me of this. Ever. I can feign friendliness when the situation absolutely calls for it, such as when there’s a paycheck tied to the end, but even then it’s a feeble veneer that slips out of place easily. I’ve been called a bitch or arrogant more times in my life than I can count and it has zero impact on me anymore. The most reaction you might get from me is a smirk or dismissive shrug. I’m sociable on my own terms.

So there you have it. Misanthropy 101.



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